Thursday, 31 July 2008

Floral Alphas

Another Glass Alpha for you all :D
I love these they are soo pretty
I need to shift my butt and make some more stuff lol
Enjoy xxx
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Thanks Lisa xx

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Pastal Pleasures Kit

I've changed the file format as i know some people were having problems opening the kit in psp, so fingers crossed no more problems arise.

If they do can some please leave me a message in my shout box.

If i dont know about any problems how can i fix them lol

Thanks Lisa xxx

Monday, 28 July 2008

Yay another Template :D

I made this before my pc decided to quit working on me lol but thankfully i was able to order a new tower and it will be here Thursday woot!!!

I am so not looking forward to uploading everything back on thats for sure but it has to be done lol
You can grab it HERE

My First Freebie Kit

Well here we are my first freebie kit
I know its not as amazing as some of the kits out there but hopefully as time goes on the better they become :D
So if you like it feel free to grab it and dont forget to leave a quick thank you
hugs Lisa xxx
Grab it HERE

Friday, 25 July 2008

Well i must admit im enjoying making these templates

As im making them im picturing how you would use them in psp with all your bits and bobs and where you would place your tubes etc lol

You can grab it HERE


Another Template :D

You just cant have enough psp stuff can you?? lol

I for one certainly can't, hopefully the more of these i make the better i get lol

You can grab it HERE

Dont forget leave the love :D xxx


Well thought id have a crack at making some templates

Hopefully someone might use them lol ive made them a bit big but they can be resized easily enough.

You can download it from HERE

Dont forget to leave some love xxx

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Yes, more glitter shapes lol told you all i like glitter lol

These are the same as the previous just a different shape, also one or two of the colour fills my vary.

They come with the two frames silver and gold.

So enjoy :D xx

Grab them HERE


I love glitter, lets be honest who doesn't even if its a small amount or a huge mad take over the world amount of pretty glitter lol

So i decided to make some glitter fills just like the others below they come with a silver and gold frame and they also have numerous coloured glitter fills, plenty for all your different psp projects.

So enjoy :D xx

Grab them HERE

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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

I really like how these Alphas turned out, i have a mad thing for the glass effect at the moment lol so everything has the effect lol

I'll get sick and tired of it before long but hopefully not too soon lol

Well i hope you like these, if you do then dont forget leave some love

Grab them HERE

Well i liked how the heart one's turned out so much that i made them in a star version aswell lol

They are the same as the others, they come with two different fills and also two frames silver and gold.

Grab them HERE

Please remember to leave a little love :D xxx

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

My First Giveaway

Well i thought i better start adding things to my blog lol as i started one for a reason lol I've been making scrap bits and pieces through tutorials i have found on the net and wanted to share what ive made with everyone and anyone who would like them.

So here goes, ive made some Glass filled shapes they come with two frames one in gold and the other silver inside is a mix of different colour pearls or flowers, if you do download them can you please leave me a quick comment on here just so i know that someone out there likes my stuff :D Thank you xxx

Download Here