Sunday, 30 January 2011

Holy cat nip!!!

Well you all know that i lost all my psp blog stuff......yeah well i kinda found it lmao.....Dont was stored on my external hard drive under something soooooo un psp related it makes me wonder what i was thinking when i saved it but woohoo its all there......maybe i was intoxicated thats the only logically explanation i have for it lol

So thank you Maria for letting me know you have 4 of my kits and that you were more than willing to send to me, you are an awesome human lol


Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Hey all just wanted to say that i'll have to start this blog back up from scratch. All my kits and extras ive made have been lost forever due to the storage i had them saved on got damaged.

So if anyone has any of my kits etc i would be eternally greatful if you could leave me a message and let me know so i could possible have them sent to me.

hugs Lisa

Friday, 13 November 2009

Im still alive lol

Well ello there lol

Just letting you know that i am very much still alive and i will be adding some new items to my blog asap.

I totally went a new direction in the whole art expression oneself and ended up writting some short stories for a fanfic site.

I lost my mojo for tagging and took an alternative route and i have enjoyed it deeply. Hopefully with Christmas on it's way (one of my fave seasons) i will get some mo and jo back in my life.

So on this note if anyone has seen either mo or jo could u please return them asap i will refund the cost of postage :D lol

Huggggggggggggs Lisa


Monday, 26 January 2009


Just a quick update

I havent been around much the last few weeks due to shit going on.

As soon as im sorted ill b bk making new kits aswell as templates and anything else lol

So if ur a follower stay tuned

Hugssssss Lisa


Sunday, 7 December 2008

Last one for the day

Download HERE

hugs Lisa


Another Template for you all

Hope u like it

You can download it here

Please remember to leave some love

Lisa xxxxxxxx

Well i thought its been a while since i made anything lol

Gettin addicted to the Twilight Saga is def not good for my psp addiction but im sure i will find some even ground to do both lol

Well enuff of my babble, here's another Template for you all

You can download it HERE

Please remember to leave some love

It means alot to me when ppl do